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Do You Need Managed Services from a Dedicated Hosting Specialist?

Dedicated Hosting for Toronto Area Businesses

Are you researching, looking to buy a dedicated server? We spent months investigating the industry before we began to buy dedicated servers for our hosting needs. Let us save you the time we spent.

Anicon recommends Rackspace - the largest and fastest growing managed hosting service provider in the world. They host companies like Hershey, Pfizer and the US Marines, and they have earned those accounts because they offer the best customer service of anyone host in the world. Just ask Rol Miller from the TCSSC or Ben from Globacore - both Toronto area business owners who now know the benefits of being a Rackspace customer thanks to Anicon.

Why Purchase a Rackspace Managed Server Through Anicon?

It's simple. We can negotiate for you and we will get you a better deal and save you money, time and spare you the hassle of having to haggle over prices. If you think we won't help you save money, think again.

Managed vs Dedicated Servers

What's the difference between a dedicated server and a managed server? Peace of mind. Many servers are staffed by professionals who monitor or maintain them on your behalf. Dedicated servers are computers plugged into the Internet that you have to manage yourself, which leaves you responsible 24 hours a day.

Do You Think Your Servers Have To Be Located in Toronto?

Many businesses think it is important to be in the vicinity of their servers. The truth is it is not important because as soon as your server connects to the Internet, it can be anywhere and you will be none the wiser. It's far more important that your servers are on the best network available and staffed by the best technicians. That is Rackspace.

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