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Corporate Branding and Logo Design

Your Corporate Branding Should Capture Your Corporate Identity

Your logo is a visual representation of all the intangibles that define your organization. Logos take into account your corporate values, your principles - your company's ethos. Corporate identity is at once hard to describe and ever present; anyone who comes into contact with your organization will walk away with both conscious and subconscious impressions of your organization.

Corporate Branding Should Suit Your Company

You need a logo that expresses your corporate ethos, something that you and your co-workers can be proud of. A logo design that does not suit your organization will not resonate with your staff or your clients. Have you ever seen a sports team with tasteless uniforms? It hurts to be proud of your work when your branding does not match your professionalism or reflect your hard work. Do not risk misbranding your company - work with design experts to get the logo you need.

Feedback Driven Logo Design

You need a logo designer who listens. Working with Anicon you will be interviewed at length about your company because without KNOWING your company, there is no way to design a logo that captures your corporate identity. What makes up a corporate identity? Certainly corporate values, ideals and principles are part of it, but at Anicon we dig deeper. We need to know your history - where you have been, where you are and where you are going - before we are comfortable designing a logo that will take you where you are headed.

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