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Client Testimonials

The POA Web Committee

We are writing to recognize the efforts of Michael McDerment's team at Anicon. Our organization is a consortium of tour operators. In 2000 we built a comprehensive website with the intention of promoting the products offered by our membership.

Josef Nulman - The Brooman Group INC

I am the President of The Brooman Group INC. We are a Toronto consultancy that helps businesses improve their organizational efficiency. Recently a client of mine was trying to get their business off the ground and as part of that project we turned to Anicon to build my client's web site.

Rol Miller - Toronto Central Sport and Social Club

We run adult and youth recreational sports leagues here in Toronto and have worked with Anicon since 2001. We have over 13 000 active clients and we use the Internet as our primary means of communication with our clients.

Globacore Inc.

Because I am a software developer, people frequently turn to me for web hosting advice. Back in 1999 I decided to make something of these requests and began to buy co-located dedicated servers. I used these servers for my development purposes and used the excess capacity to sell Web hosting services to my clients and friends.
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