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Timezone and Daylight Saving Time Script

This is a PHP script that calculates your local time via an HTML page. A drop-down menu, checkbox, and submit button allow you to choose a location and whether or not you would like to observe DST. Click here to download the Timezone and Daylight Saving Time Script.

There may be a few cases where some countries' DST change rules are off. This would only cause problems the night of the actual change to or from DST causing time to be off by an hour. If you find an error with the DST rules as I just described, please email me with the actual rule for observation of DST so I can fix it.

Feel free to use/modify this script as you like. What we ask in return is that you include a link to us (use the html below) on the website that you use it. If you see something that could be improved upon, send an email at wattst[at] explaining what you would like to see added/modified and I'll consider adding it.

I would also like to see how this script is used, so if you do use it, email me a link to the page in which it's used.

At the time of writing this, I am aware that the United States is considering passing legislation that would change their daylight savings time rules with Canada to possibly follow suit. Once these new rules are made official, I will make an effort to update this script to reflect the changes.

Please use this html code to link to us:

<a href="">Timezone Script</a>

<a href="">Daylight Saving and Time Zone Script</a>

<a href="">Time Zone Calculator Program</a>

Download: - Contents of zip file: timezone.php timezone_database.sql
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